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Hosting System Upgrade

Our hosted clients will be pleased to learn that we have completed the installation of a new next-generation file server system for better performance, unlimited expansion capability and even better up-time than we have delivered in the past. The system sports two file servers with four raid cards and four Raid V arrays with twenty hard drives across two JBODS, so we can now withstand failure at any point or perform an upgrade or replacement of any hardware component without ever going down.

While we have consistently delivered better than 4 nines of uptime (>99.99%) over our last five years, we are hopeful that this system along with some other changes in the works will allow us to exceed that illusive 5th nine (less than 5 minutes/year of down time).

During the design and testing our architecture and hardware, the guys that maintain the Linux kernel used our input to do some debugging on the latest version of the Linux operating system, so it truly is state-of-the-art. We are honored that we could be of some assistance.

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