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NetMerchant Tip

If your visitors are reporting problems putting items in their carts, they might have a firewall that is blocking referers. Referers are completely benign and are actually very helpful to your browsing, but some newer third party firewalls and very high settings in IE will block them. The referer is the address of the page you came from when you clicked on a link. It is used by NetMerchant when you go to the basket so that it can figure out which domain you are coming to the cart from. The way to work around this issue is to add the domain to every call to the basket. That means every product Add to Cart button and any View Cart button needs to have a certain hidden field added to the code. For more information about referers and how to enable them see our knowledgebase article.
For more information on using NetMerchant, see our knowledgebase article.

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