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Phishing Warning

The FBI has tagged phishing as the most troubling problem on the Internet. Thieves send email that looks like it's from your bank, PayPal, Ebay, BestBuy, AOL or another well known company. The messages use authentic logos and links to web pages that look exactly like the pages of that company's web site. Be wary if you receive any message that asks you to re-enter your credit card number, password, personal ID number (PIN), bank account number or any other personal information. Here are some things to do.
-- If you have any question at all, call a phone number that you know is a good one (not one from the email message or web site) and ask the company if the message is legitimate.
-- Avoid sending personal information via email.
-- Always look for https:// in any legitimate URL that is asking for personal information.
-- Report suspected fraud to uce@ftc.gov or call the FTC hotline at 877 FTC-HELP.
-- If you think you may have mistakenly shared personal information, ask that a fraud alert be placed on your account by all three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, Transunion), review bank and credit card statements carefully and file a police report if you discover genuine fraud.

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