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AOL Mail Poor Choice for Business

The fact that AOL email should never be used for business purposes has been demonstrated once again. The good folks there have implemented a strategy whereby if any one of their millions of members marks a message as spam and this happens more than a few times in short period, they will reject all mail from the mail server that sent it. Unfortunately, there are countless examples we have seen of AOL users who mistakenly mark legitimate mail as spam thereby defeating the logic behind AOL's brilliant strategy. These users are simply making an honest mistake, but there's no wisdom behind AOL's decision making process... only cold and faulty logic. Of course, ICG Link has a strict anti-spam policy and we have engaged in a program with AOL to be whitelisted in order to avoid this problem, but as you might imagine, it does not work all the time. If any of our 4,000 mail users sends a message that is mistakenly marked as spam, the chance that ALL our mail will be blocked from AOL is increased.

If you are using AOL mail for business purposes, please reconsider. AOL's anti-spam initiative, their lack of POP access to mailboxes and the fact that they constantly pummel you with ads are clearly not business friendly policies. With all their other problems, even cheap or free services like Hotmail or Gmail don't try to control the world like AOL... and Microsoft for that matter since I'm on a rant...

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