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New Features in Spam111

There are two new settings in the administrative area for our spam111 spam and virus filter. One is the Vulgarity Filter, which increases the spam score based on how many vulgarity tests it passes. This defaults to "on" for all clients and should help reduce the number of nasty messages sneaking through. Be on the lookout for vulgar spam that makes it through our filter, now we can tune the filter a bit better to catch them. The other is the Quarantine Digest. You can choose to receive an email showing the subjects of messages in your quarantine and set the frequency you will receive those messages. This is handy if you need a quick review of what's in your quarantine without actually logging on. This feature defaults to "off." Amazingly, Spam111 has deleted over a hundred million emails just this year meaning our clients have had to sift through that many fewer pieces of junk mail! Visit spam111 for more information.

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