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A Gallery of Galleries

Here's a great tip for 111 users. We've added a new feature to the to our on-line web site builders, Build111, Church111 and Agent111. When you add or edit a gallery image, you can now optionally designate a link for that image. If you do designate a link, when you click the image, you'll go to that link instead of seeing the larger view of the image. The link for an image can be set to an internal page or a URL you enter. You can select internal pages from a drop-down menu of pages on the site.

So, what can you do with this nifty feature? You might create several hidden gallery pages and then create a visible gallery page where each of the images links to one of the hidden gallery pages. Thus, you now have a gallery of galleries!

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Give us a call at (877) 397-7605 if you want to learn more about how to get the most from your Build111 or Church111 web site. We can help you with custom web design, too.

For more information on our great template driven web site builders for business, real estate and churches, please visit Church111 and Build111.

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