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Improvements for Build111, Church111 and Agent111

Widgets We have enhanced our new Page Content widget to make it even more powerful than it was. You can create a regular (default) Page and 'feed' that page content into a custom template. Then, anytime you edit that page it'll update the template and any page that uses it. This is a lot faster and easier than going in and editing the template just because you need to edit one small thing. Use the Page Content Feed widget to speed things up for your editors! Also, you can now toggle your opinion poll on the home page via the poll admin as well as from the home page editor itself.

E-commerce We have also implemented new shopping cart pages that are more user friendly and intuitive for our e-commerce customers including new custom shipping options and coupon code improvements.

Misc. Admin Administrators will appreciate additional RSS page options and calendar improvements.

Church111 Churches will appreciate the upgrade to Daily Manna with additional translations now supported.

For more information on these easy-to-edit template driven web site builders for business, real estate and churches, please visit Church111 and Build111.

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