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GoDaddy drops ColdFusion support TODAY!

The day is finally here, the day GoDaddy drops its direct support of ColdFusion. Their decision to drop CF support has since forced thousands of their customers either scrambling for alternate hosts or choosing between two of GoDaddy's two less-than-ideal alternate options -- change programming language, unworkable; or move their site to external servers, thus adding yet another layer to an arguably already convoluted interface.

ICG Link is here to offer another solution. Perhaps the only good one left to disaffected ColdFusion users. ICG Link has hosted websites since '96 -- yeah there were websites back then. They have survived the tech bubble collapse and two stock market crashes. We've survived due to affordable pricing, superior craftsmanship and programming and multi-redundant nearly 100% uninterrupted hosting in that time.

And we have NO plans of dropping ColdFusion support now or any time in the future. CF is clearly a valid, robust programming language and all the disinformation coming from Microsoft (maker of .Net) and GoDaddy cannot make that untrue.

Learn more about GoDaddy's CF announcement here »; or,

Learn more about how to switch your ColdFusion website to ICG Link servers TODAY.

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