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GoDaddy to drop ColdFusion support!

In early September, GoDaddy announced their intention to drop ColdFusion support November 29, 2011. As of this writing, that day is nearly upon us. One week away.

GoDaddy's decision may strike some as baffling -- certainly ill-advised -- but it seems to all come down to marketing. Though GoDaddy would like the story to be spun in a way that paints ColdFusion as an inferior technology, the truth is it is not. ColdFusion is and always has been a superior product according to just about any programmer worth his salt. Simply put, ColdFusion lost their marketing battle with Microsoft, the folks behind competing technology .NET. The belief is that MS didn't take a shine to having their product being offered on the most popular free hosting site alongside their closest competitor, CF. And that was the death blow for CF, according to many.

So where does that leave all of GoDaddy's ColdFusion website hosting clients? If you guessed "out in the cold," you'd not be wrong, but that's not to say they're left without an easy, smart solution.

ICG Link has been hosting ColdFusion websites since its inception and is fully committed to the technology until the last user abandons it. We've survived the tech bubble and two market crashes because of our reasonable pricing, double-redundancy, reliable hosting and unrivaled customer service.

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