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Sponsor111 Launches

ICG Link, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Sponsor111, a cloud based sponsorship management system.

Using Sponsor111, you can enter all your sponsorship opportunities in an organized way so your site visitors can see everything available in one place. Once they find something that fits their budget and reaches the right audience, they can sign up instantly using the built in e-commerce option.

You can easily update and add sponsorship offerings once a year or keep them updated on an ongoing basis depending on your needs with the user-friendly, intuitive interface. The system will automatically manage limited sponsorships so they display "Sold Out" when the limit has been reached. An unlimited variety of sponsorship types is available, limited only by your imagination. For example:

* Annual sponsorship of an event or program
* Sponsorship of monthly meetings or events
* Booths or tables at an expo or event
* Outing specific items such as golf hole sponsorships

Our clients tell us that one of the biggest hidden advantages of Sponsor111 is that by offering an on-line system that is easy for visitors to use, they are reaching sponsors they didn't even know were out there.

Other advantages include avoiding or at least reducing the high cost of printing paper sponsorship packets that must be discarded when your sponsorship opportunities change. Instead, you can print a low cost card directing people to the web site to sign up. You'll find that you also save staff time for accounting and follow-up, so your staff can get back to the important things they should be doing If you want to use it, you can also register new members online instantly, since the e-commerce piece is already built into the system.

Check it out at Sponsor111.com and give us a call if you have any questions.

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