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Germ of an Idea

When visiting an old friend in West TN, his daughter offered a look at the Internet from her kitchen table using the connection she had through her job at UTM.

A search for "ceramics" on Yahoo got ONE return - the Alamo Ceramic Art Pottery Studio in Boulder, CO. Surfing around for a while longer sparked the imagination and gave a hint of some possibilities for potential businesses. In early 1995, there was no question that the Internet was cool, but as far as I was concerned, the jury was still out on whether it was going to be the amazing innovation it has become today. It did warrant further investigation, though, so three thick books on the Internet were purchased at Davis Kidd Bookstore and learning began with the idea of developing a business.

This was the start of what soon became ICG Link, Inc., but it was only one of three businesses started this year along with looking for a job full time. The other two were a ceramic and minerals related consulting business and a business to render hazardous steel mill waste non-hazardous. Both are still alive but with other players.

The three existing local ISP's in Nashville were interviewed and Telalink was selected because of flexibility and cost. A loose business plan was developed based on these interviews and reading the books and work began to develop a sales brochure and a first web site.

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