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Introducing Share111

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new on-line intranet application with sharing of files, articles, events and links. Businesses who need to share information with employees, vendors, customers or others can now do so easily and at very low cost with Share111. Share111 is extremely flexible and lets you share your content with only those who need to see it.

Using Share111 is simple three step process. First, you create groups. Second, you add users and give them permissions with respect to each group. Lastly, you upload or enter your content and assign it to the appropriate group. That way only those users with appropriate permissions will have access to your content.

Pricing as follows:
$10/mo - 2Gb space and 4Gb data transfer/mo
$20/mo - 5Gb space and 10Gb data transfer/mo
$35/mo - 10Gb space and 20Gb data transfer/mo
$70/mo - 20Gb space and 40Gb data transfer/mo
$175/mo - 50Gb space and 100Gb data transfer/mo
$350/mo - 100Gb space and 200Gb data transfer/mo
$500/mo - 150Gb space and 300Gb data transfer/mo
$1.75/Gb Extra Transfer

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