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Eliminate Form Robot Spam

We have made improvements to both our standard hosting and CMS hosting to make it so your interactive forms check to see if a real human is entering the data.

Our form script that is built into our hosting has been upgraded to keep robots from sending spam to you through your forms. You can now protect your forms in one of two ways designed to make sure it's a human filling out the form. One method we announced some time ago is the widely used captcha function which is one of those funky images that has characters you must enter into a form before you can submit it successfully. The newest method is our "humancheck" function. This uses CSS to hide a form element from view. If a person is filling it out, they won't see the field and won't fill it out. If a robot visits the form, the robot will fill out the field and the form will not process successfully. See the form script instructions to protect your forms on our regular hosting platform.

In addition, our Build111 and Church111 content managed web site builders are now equipped with a CAPTCHA. That's those funky curly letters or numbers that a person has to enter in order to make a form submit correctly. We hope you enjoy these new features.

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