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Hosting Price Changes

We are pleased to announce a restructuring in the cost of disk space and ListServ mailing lists which will reduce cost for many of you and allow more flexibility in using mailing lists. Standard disk space is being more than doubled for our regular accounts and cost of additional space is being cut in half. Regarding ListServ mailing lists, rather than charge by the list, we are now charging by the email address. The price per name doesn't change, but now you can spread your names over several lists. For example, if you had two lists with 1700 names on one and 300 names on the other, the old pricing would be $10/month x 2 for two 1500 name lists plus $6/month for the extra 200 names on the first list. The new pricing would be for 2000 names or just $16/month instead of $26. Sublists can also be established by contacting customer service. We hope you enjoy the new price schedule.

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