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Spam111 Price Reduction

ICG Link is pleased to announce that Spam111 prices have been reduced for our MX Filter clients! Our Spam111 spam and virus filter system offers two kinds of filtering. One is for clients who use ICG Link mailboxes and the other is for those clients who have their own mail servers. Clients who host their mail with us have long enjoyed low prices for spam filtering because we only have to look at messages that are addressed to valid recipients. Since we don't know what recipients are valid for MX Filter clients, we have to process every single message that comes in regardless of whether it's for a valid mailbox or not. The extra processing and message handling means significant extra processing time and results in a need for more and faster hardware. We have recently added another element of filtering to Spam111 that has reduced our processing time, thereby allowing us to do more work with the same hardware. As a result, we are passing on that savings to our MX filter clients. If you use your own mail server such as Microsoft Exchange, please visit our pricing page for a look at the new prices.

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