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RSS Feeds
RSS, or Really Simple Syndication is a way for you to collect and organize Web-based content such as blogs or news or other information easily and efficiently. Technically, it is XML content that is produced in one place and can be read in another. This might be in an RSS reader or on another web site. To read any RSS content, all you need is an RSS news aggregator or reader which is available at no cost from many sources. Once you have a reader, you can subscribe to various RSS feeds, free and commercial, from all over the world and the reader automatically updates when new news becomes available. For example, the articles we write for ICG Link News are now available as an RSS feed. In addition to reading information published by others, you can easily make your web content available to others for use in their RSS readers as we have done here.

Readers: RSS/News Aggregators (also called RSS News Readers) will download and display RSS feeds for you automatically. Many free and commercial aggregators are available on-line. Some are stand-alone programs that you download and run on your PC; others are services that let you add your selected RSS feeds to a Web page. People also use RSS feeds to make their weblogs, or "blogs" available for others to read. Blogs are web pages typically comprised of short, regularly updated information and links. Blogging is used as a publishing tool for everything from traditional journalism to personal journals and group discussions. A reliable free news reader is RSSOwl.

Adding a Feed: To add a news feed like ICG Link News to your news reader, just right click the RSS icon wherever you find it (on ICGLink.net in this example) and select "Copy Shortcut" from the menu. Then paste the shortcut into your news reader and you're ready to go.
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