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Church111 Church Web Sites
Now there is a low cost alternative for churches of any denomination who need a first class web site. See Church111 for more information.

The back office administration area is easy-to-use and requires no special technical skills. An artistic design of your choice can be applied to the site or we can assist with a custom artistic solution.

It's Easy to Do!

Your first step is to simply sign up and either send us a logo or we can make one for you from a photograph or drawing or we can design a custom logo just for you. We will help you purchase a domain name, set your church up, upload your logo, select your colors and set your username and password. The rest is up to you!


Initial Setup: You will enter basic information such as:
  • physical address
  • office hours
  • church slogan
  • regularly scheduled events
Then you can decide whether or not you wish to display any built in enhancements or third party content to stimulate your visitors such as:
  • A scrolling line of announcement that appears on the home page
  • A web poll
  • The Agape Press News
  • The Baptist Press News
  • NIV Daily Manna - the International Bible Society's selection of random bible quotations
Text Pages: You can add as many text pages to your site as you need with our word processor like interface. These might include the About Us page, Church Mission, etc.

Staff: You can add your staff with or withour a photo of each staff member.

Departments: Our easy-to-use interface allows you to select from the following departments and enter information that is specific to them:
  • Preschool Department
  • Children's Department
  • Youth Department
  • Young Adult Department
  • Adult Department
  • Senior Adult Department
  • Church Wide
Calendar: Our full featured calendar allows you to enter events for any of the departments above or assign them as church wide events.

Prayer List: You can add, remove and edit items in a prayer request list.

News and Events: You can enter news and events and select where they will be displayed.

Library: Then, you can populate your library with any of the following documents. If you don't find an item you want here, just let us know and we'll see if it's available:
  • Apostles' Creed
  • Baptist Catechism
  • Boyce's Catechism
  • Fox's Book of Martyrs
  • John Smyth's Confession
  • Luther's Little Instruction Book
  • Nicene Creed
  • Orthodoxy
  • Pay-Day Someday
  • Spurgeon's Catechism
  • The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith
  • The 1925 Baptist Faith and Message
  • The 1963 Baptist Faith and Message
  • The 2000 Baptist Faith and Message
  • The 95 Theses
  • The Abstract of Principles
  • The First London Baptist Confession of Faith
  • The New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1833
  • The Schleitheim Confession of Faith in 1527
  • Westminster Confession of Faith
Optional Members Area: You can optionally include a members area where individual members can log in with their own private username and password to look up information about other members and use the optional forum/message board for intrachurch communications.
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