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Disk Space & Mail Backup
The space we provide on our servers for your mail is typically more than enough for normal use even when you are travelling and wish to leave it on the server until you return. However, we recommend against keeping your past history and mail archives on our mail server.

If you would like to know how much disk space you have used, you can use our disk usage tool to see your current status. If you go over your alotted amount of free space, your overage will be charged at the current rate for disk space. See the features page for pricing.

However, the main reason you shouldn't keep mail on the server is that while we have all kinds of backup for your mail, it changes so frequently that any backup we might have will be unlikely to have what you need if you ever needed to recover something.

For this reason, if there are any messages or archives you want to keep, you should keep them on your computer and back that up.

While we use every precaution to prevent data loss, there might be some other error that could cause your mailbox on our server to be deleted or otherwise damaged. In either case, you could lose any archives you had kept on our servers.
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