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Web Design Options
You can build your own web site yourself or we can do it for you. If you choose to try it yourself, you will need to create HTML pages and images to make a basic site. You may then wish to use some of our custom scripts to add more advanced functionality and interest. Here are some tools you can consider:
  • HTML Editors - You can easily create HTML with a simple text editor such as Notepad, Textpad, Bbedit or VI or you can use a WYSIWYG authoring program such as Macromedia Dreamweaver (recommended), Adobe GoLive, NetObjects Fusion or even MS FrontPage (not recommended) to build your site. There are many free editors that do a fair job as well. A note about hand coding: If you learn how to write HTML from scratch, you will better understand why things look the way they do in various browsers, you will be able to make changes faster and you will be able to correct errors that authoring tools might add to your web pages. You can always move on to an authoring tool, but it's difficult to move back to straight coding if you start with one.
  • MS FrontPage Extensions - While you are welcome to use FrontPage to design your site and you can use FrontPage's ftp capability to upload files, we do not support FrontPage Extensions because of serious security issues which could permit an intruder to destroy or otherwise "improve" your site.
  • Image Editors - To manipulate images for the web, you can use a variety of free editors or you can use some of the more powerful options such as Adobe Photoshop (expensive), JASC PaintShopPro (reasonable) or GIMP (free) for Linux.
  • Custom Scripts - Use our custom scripts to send mail, write to files, perform calculations, create, search and edit online databases, upload files, FAQ, message board, guestbook, chat, refer a friend, counter, ad server, random and date based image or URL generator, shopping cart and more.
  • Advanced Development - For developers and programmers who are comfortable with some of the more sophisticated web tools, we offer PHP and ColdFusion to MySQL. We do provide modest ASP support for clients who need it for their legacy ASP code, but we recommend they change to PHP or ColdFusion as soon as possible because of the lower reliability of the Microsoft platform.
  • On-line Reference - There are a great many on-line resources. You can use your favorite search engine to find more information, but here are some references to start with:
  • Search Engine Placement - Once you have created your masterpiece, you should review our information on search engines to get better placement.
Once you have created your pages, you will upload them to our servers using FTP. FTP is built into many of the more sophisticated authoring programs such as Dreamweaver, but there are many ftp clients available from prices ranging from free to less than $50 for the best ones.

Alternatively, we can build your site for you. You can take a look at our portfolio and contact us for an estimate.
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