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Purchasing New Domain Names
There are several articles on the subject of purchasing, moving and managing your domain name. Please refer to the one that fits your needs best: Once you have established the need for a web presence, the first step is to purchase a domain name. You can choose a name for yourself by visiting Network Solutions and performing a search or we can help you find the right name. Once you have chosen the name, let us purchase it for you since we get a discount and will pass those savings to you as part of our service. If you are unsure of exactly what name might be right for you, we can help with this process.
  • We can walk you through how to select a relevant and memorable domain name and give you various choices you might select from.
  • If we buy a domain name for you, we will put it in your name or your company's name.
  • We will take care of entering the proper technical information so the name is correctly pointed to our DNS servers.
Please contact us for more information or assistance.

Domain Name Registrar

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the non-profit corporation responsible for oversight of domain name registrations and for accrediting domain name service providers. Network Solutions is an ICANN-accredited registrar.

Whois Information

All domain name service providers are required to list the information you provide when you register a domain name in a public database known as WHOIS. WHOIS information is used in several ways:
  • Registrars (domain name providers) use it to validate requests to transfer a domain name registration to another domain name holder (registrant) or registrar.
  • Many individuals and businesses use it to find out when a domain name registration they want is due to expire.
  • Law enforcement agencies use it for investigations into illegal activities on the Internet.
  • Intellectual property rights holders use it to contact individuals or companies that may be violating their intellectual property rights.
The public WHOIS database is accessible by anyone, 24 hours a day, and includes the following information:
  • Domain name holder’s name and address
  • Address, phone number, and e-mail address of the domain name WHOIS Administrative and Technical contacts
  • Date of the domain name registration Date of the most recent update to the domain name record
  • Date that the domain name registration will expire
  • Host name and IP addresses for the domain name servers
Important Note: Customers are responsible for ensuring this information is current, and ICANN mandates that outdated contact information can be grounds for domain name cancellation.

Privacy Considerations

When you register a domain name, your account information is accessible to anyone via the online WHOIS search tool that is available on the Web sites of all accredited registrars. While these sites typically allow searches to be performed one domain name at a time, some sites are susceptible to automated “mining” of the information by high-speed computer queries.

Additionally, ICANN requires all accredited domain name registrars to make a complete copy of their WHOIS data — domain name contact data for all of their domain name customers — available to third parties that sign a contract known as a bulk access agreement. Once the agreement is signed, individual third parties become licensed to access all of the registrar’s WHOIS data for an annual fee. There is currently an effort underway to improve privacy. More information is available at Network Solutions' Internet Privacy Advocate site.
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