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Contact111 Timesheet & Project Billing System
We created Contact111, a client management, contact management, project management, timesheet, billing and business management system for our own use as a Web design company and ISP and can make various modules of it available to any service business. Our system includes the following general modules.
  • Clients / Contacts - Fully functional relational client management, contact management system (better than ACT!) featuring general company information, unlimited contacts for a company, company and contact specific notes fields, company and contact specific groups, a contact can belong to more than one company.
  • Users - System administrative management for employees, clients and administrators with multiple levels of security and access, hourly/salary status and billing rate.
  • Projects - Clients can have multiple projects. Project features include project budget, project priority, project status, assigned project leader and assigned project workers. Leaders and workers get reports on budget vs actual time spent for easy project management.
  • Timesheets - Fully capable time logging and reporting system can be custom tied to off-line billing systems or left stand-alone for manual billing.
  • Calendar - A fully functional on-line calendar application can be integrated into the system.
Some of the more interesting features are mentioned below, but the system can be customized to meet any specific needs.
  • Easy search by key word or alphanumerically for clients, contacts, domains and projects.
  • Clients can log in to see only their own information so they can check on project progress and monitor it against a budget.
  • Simple, intuitive timesheet interface for entering time and work details by client and by project. Non-labor costs are provided for. Stop-watch timer functionality is enabled for automatic time calculation or time spent can be entered manually.
  • Employees can enter time as billable, nonbillable or maintenance hours and provide comments for management eyes only.
  • Hourly employees enter hours worked and vacation time and salary employees enter vacation time.
  • Reports track employee efficiency with graphs clearly showing billable time vs non-billable time vs paid time.
  • Status report gives immediate feedback on actual vs. estimated time spent on each project to the project leader and to assigned workers.
  • Project summary reports show who did work, when it was done, how long it took and what work was performed.
  • Other reports include employee hourly reports with graphs, reports by project, reports by company, reports for doing billing this period and forward looking reports for projected billing.
The following custom modules were built for our ISP business. They are shown here to demonstrate our custom development capabilities:
  • Domains - domains are tied to clients, DNS, virtual hosting and mail. Provisioning of new domains and changes to domain configuration directly impact the servers.
  • DNS - DNS management system with interactive DNS editing for all domains tied back to the servers for provisioning. Features covered include standard and non-standard entries, alias domains, domains hosted but with other SOA and error checking.
  • Mail - Mail account management system with administration of configuration settings and server provisioning.
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