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Date111 Office Calendar
Keep your office organized with our on-line office calendar. We developed this tool for ourselves and now offer it to our hosted clients on a per user fee basis.

Features are as follows:
  • Find Events: quickly by clicking on a day on the calendar view or by performing a simple or advanced keyword search.
  • Display events: by week or month sorted by time of day with today in red and other days in alternating colors for ease of viewing. Events can be displayed by Type (business or personal) or by User (all or just one).
  • Summary view: includes Date, Day, Event, Time, Location and Who has been scheduled.
  • Detail view: includes Date, Time, Location, Event Type, Details, Contact who entered the event, Contact Phone and Contact Email Address.
  • Login identity: is customized for each user who has their own individual settings memory for view preferences.
  • Scheduling: for any user can be entered by any other user and multiple people can be scheduled for an event. Events can be scheduled for one time or on a recurring basis.
  • Notification Email: is sent any time one user adds or edits an event for another user or users.
  • Security Levels: can be set with users being identified as one of three different types.
  • Customization: can be arranged easily to accommodate your special needs.
To sign up for this great tool, just contact us and we will get your very own online office calendar set up today!
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