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For those who travel, our WebMail system provides instant access to your mail from anywhere you can find an Internet connection. While not necessarily recommended for archival purposes, through this intuitive interface you'll be able to access and manage your mail account using the simplicity of a standard web browser. You will find a link to WebMail here or on our home page or you can type in http://webmail.yourdomain.com to get there. A customized interface is available for your domain if you would like it.

Getting Started

Logging In: All sessions begin at the Login screen. Before you can use any of the webmail features, you must connect to your account using the mailbox name. For example to check a mailbox called test@icglink.com, you would enter test@icglink.com as the username and you would enter the password for that mailbox in the password field. You'll then need to select your starting folder (typically INBOX) and your language. Once you've filled in these fields, click the "Login" button to proceed.

The Mailbox Listing: The contents of your Inbox folder will be displayed immediately upon logging in. The Mailbox Listing shows the contents of each message's header (message status, date sent, sender, subject, and size). Each column has a heading. Clicking on the heading will cause the listing to be sorted by that column. To view the contents of a message, click on the message's subject. You'll be taken to the Message screen.

The Message Screen: The Message Screen display the contents of the selected message. From here, you can browse message attachments, reply to the current message, delete the current message, or advance to the next message in your current mailbox.

The Compose Window: You can send mail in a variety ways. You might choose to compose a new message or perhaps to reply to an existing message. Whichever method you choose, however, will open the standard Compose Window. The Compose Window allows you to set, among other things, the message recipient's address (who you're sending mail to), the message subject, and the message contents. Simply fill out the appropriate fields at the top of the window (only the To: address is required, but the Subject: is suggested) and type your message in the large lower field. Once you've completed entering your message, you may choose to Spell Check your message text. Once you're done composing your new message, click the "Send" button to send the message to the recipient. You can also send attachments from the link at the bottom of the compose window. Just click the "Browse" button to find the file you wish to attach.

Exporting Mail from Webmail: You can export messages from webmail and import them into your mail client as follows:
  • Log into your webmail account.
  • Click Folders.
  • Select the folder(s) to download.
  • From the choose action drop down menu, click Download Folder(s).
  • Save the files to an obvious location such as your desktop.
At this point, if your mailbox imports files that have the mbox format, you are done and you can import the mail into your mail client. If you have Outlook or Outlook Express, you have a few more steps:
  • Download ImapSize.
  • Install the program.
  • Open ImapSize
  • Select Tools - Mbox2Eml
  • Locate the files downloaded from ICG Link's webmail.
  • Select a destination for your new EML formatted file.
  • Click Convert.
  • Then import the new file you just created by dragging the file into the appropriate folder in Outlook.
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