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Bounced Mail
What is a bounce?

E-mail almost never vanishes into thin air. If a problem occurs with delivery, the sender virtually always gets a response, or "bounce", which consists of
  1. A normal header (usually from "Mailer-Daemon" or "Mail Delivery Subsystem")
  2. What went wrong will be specified in the next section of information, and
  3. An optional section consisting of the original mail item
The second section is the vital one for figuring out what happened. You or your unsuccessful correspondents should be able to use that information to figure out what happened.

Getting Bounces You Never Sent

If you are getting bounces from people to whom you never sent messages, you are receiving what's called collateral spam, probably because any `collateral damage' such as mail bounces go to an innocent party. There are two possible causes for this:
  • A spammer has used your address in the From: field of their spam and you're now getting all the invalid address bounces. It's a nasty thing to have happen but there's not much that can be done about it. You'll just have to wait for it to subside.
  • It can also be that a virus has infected the computer of someone who has your address in their address book or the address of someone with the same domain name you have. The Klez virus, for example, pulls random addresses from the infected address book (and Internet cache) and puts them in the To: and From: fields of a message containing an infected attachment. If your address is in the From: and if the To: address isn't valid, you'll get the bounce. The MyDoom virus just picks any domain name it can find and starts sending to every name it can think of at that domain. There's not much that can be done unless the bounce happens to include the header information from the original message. The header would point to the infected computer. Unfortunately most mail servers do not include original header info with their bounces.
If you still need to, you may contact us

by e-mail -- at support@icglink.com. Please forward the bounced message (or have it forwarded) to us, or

by phone -- please have it in printed form or on the screen so we can ask you about it.
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