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Troubleshooting Email
Can't Receive Mail
  • On Line? - Check to be sure you are on-line by opening a web browser and visiting a web site you have not visited lately such as Google or Yahoo.
  • Settings? - Check the settings in your mail client software. If the Login box pops up, your username or password may not be correct. Be sure you used boxname@yourdomain.com for the username regardless of what you use for your actual return address. If are unsure of whether you have the correct username and password combination, you can test your settings here.
  • Reset Password? - If the tool above reports that your password is not correct and you can't figure it out, you can contact support to have it reset.
  • Username Format? - If you still have trouble connecting, you may try changing your username to either boxname/yourdomain.com or boxname%yourdomain.com.
  • More Username Formats? - If you have a non-standard mail program such as Eudora Light for Windows 3.1 or Claris Works for the Mac, use the following for your POP account: boxname%yourdomain.com@mail.yourdomain.com
Can't Send Mail
  • SMTP Problems? - If you can receive mail but can't send it or you get an "RCPT hosts" error when sending it, there are two possible fixes.
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