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Counting Click Thrus
Click-thru counting is used when you wish to know how many times a web site visitor clicks on a link or a banner ad. If you wish to know how many visits you have generally on your site, see how our extensive Usage Report or Counter Script works. We offer two methods for counting click-thrus. The first allows you to record a simple total number of click-thrus to any location from your web site or from any location to your web site. The second method is only for outgoing click-thrus but it keeps a historical record by week.

Method 1: Incoming or Outgoing total clicks.

In order to use this feature, simply call the clickcount script as follows:

<a href="http://www.domainname.com/cgi-bin/clickcount.pl?id=ID&dest=FULLURL">Go There</a>

where ID is any ID number you wish to provide for reference and FULLURL is the full URL of the destination you wish to visit from your ad or link and "Go There" represents the text or the location of an image or banner ad. The script records a record of the click in your www/data folder in a file called clickcount.data in tab delimited format. The ID, URL and number of CLICKS are recorded. Any time the same ID/URL combination is called using the script, it increments the number of clicks by one. You can easily build a viewer for reviewing this information using our Search Script or you can simply ftp the file back to your self and view it in a text editor. You can reset the number any time by editing the file.

Method 2: Outgoing only with history.

In order to use the weekly click-thru recording feature for outgoing clicks only, you must first contact support to have it set up. Once you have signed up, you will be able to count a click-thru using the following code in your html page:

<a href="/cgi-bin/location?http://www.wherever.com/">Go There</a>

Note: Do not use a full URL. Only the above code will work. This code will cause the URL www.wherever.com to be recorded in your log file. Your log file will be searched and click-thrus will be logged every Saturday night at midnight. You can see the results of your click-thrus here.
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