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Managing Mailboxes, Aliases, Forwards, etc.
A designated manager can add, remove, edit and manage mailboxes, aliases and forwards for everyone at a particular domain. Additionally, each person with a mailbox can edit his own information including setting vacation messages or changing a password.

To manage your mail, simply visit our mail management page. The designated manager must leave the default "User Account" as postmaster to manage all mailboxes. An individual will change it to his mailbox name (ie: "jsmith"). Enter the domain name (without the www but with the the .com, .net, etc.) and the password for the account. If you have any problems, please contact support.

Some Definitions
  • Default or CatchAll: Where your mail goes if there is no specific assignment for the address. For example, if someone sends mail to info@yourdomain.com and there is no mailbox, alias or forward set for this address, the info@ mail will go to the CatchAll location. You can set a mailbox or a forward as your CatchAll or you can set CatchAll to bounce or be deleted. Important Note: The preferred setting is to set CatchAll as "bounce" and mail with an unassigned address will bounce back to the sender.
  • POP3 mailbox: A mailbox on our system (an actual place where mail is stored). For example, you have a postmaster box set up by default. You might also set up a box for jsmith@, sales@ or support@ and have different people check those boxes.
  • Alias: an address@yourdomain.com that points to a POP3 mailboxes on our server - For example, you might have a sales@ mailbox and a sales person named Jane Smith. You might set up the alias jsmith@yourdomain.com to point to the sales mailbox. Then, mail for both jsmith@ and sales@ would come to that box. You are allowed an unlimited number of these.
  • Forward: An address@yourdomain.com that points to a POP3 mailbox on some other mail server (ie: AOL, Mindspring, etc.). For example, the address webmaster@yourdomain.com might be forwarded to webmaster@someotherplace.com. You are allowed an unlimited number of these.
  • Vacation Message/Autoresponder: An instant reply email message is sent back to the sender as soon as they send a mail message to a mailbox. For example, you might go on vacation and set a message to say "Thanks for writing. I'm out of the office until the 5th. Please call our office at 555 555-1234 if you need immediate assistance." The mail is still delivered to your mailbox.
  • Mail Robot: This is the same as an autoresponder or vacation message except that a mail robot is for an address that is not a mailbox. If you wish to receive mail sent to an autoresponder address, you must also copy an address so someone gets the message and can act on it. When you send mail to a mail robot, an instant reply email message is sent back to the sender. For example, you might set a mail robot for support@yourdomain.com to say "Thanks for contacting us. A support technician will answer your inquiry within 24 hours." If you did this, you would have to be sure a copy of the message goes to the technical support mailbox so the message is answered. You are allowed an unlimited number of mail robots.
Initial Setup
Mail will always have one mailbox called "Postmaster". While use of a "CatchAll" is not recommended, the Postmaster mailbox can be made the "CatchAll", or if you create other mailboxes, you can make one of them the CatchAll instead of Postmaster. Alternatively you may also set a forward as your CatchAll or no CatchAll at all. It is best to set your CatchAll to Bounce. You may add mailboxes up to the limit included in your plan. You can not remove the Postmaster mailbox. If you have only one mailbox - Postmaster - and want it to be called something else, make it the CatchAll and use whatever name you want or set up an alias for the name you want and point it to the Postmaster box. If you don't wish to use or check your Postmaster mailbox, you should set a forward or alias for the name postmaster and point Postmaster mail to another location. This is important since bounced mail may end up in the Postmaster mailbox and it could fill up.
Important Notes
Mail Admin Password: The mail admin password is controlled by the Postmaster mailbox. To change your mail admin password, simply change the password on the Postmaster mailbox.

Names in More Than One Place: The system will allow you to set a mailbox and a forward with the same name, but the forward will take precedence.

Rules to Live By: In order to minimize spam and wasting time, here are some rules to live by if at all possible:
  • Never set a mailbox as a catchall. Rather point as many addresses as you need to the mailbox of choice as aliases.
  • Never set a default forward. Rather set forwards for as many addresses as you need to the email address of choice.
  • Always set catchall bounced rather than deleted.
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