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eBlast Mailing Lists
We offer a mass mailing list service that will make it easy for you to send mail to a large number of your own customers at the same time. Our eBlast111 system is much better than the old ListServ mailing list systems because it is compliant with US law without you having to do anything special. You can not send unsolicited mail (spam) at the risk of discontinuation of service. We have a strict anti-spam policy that must be respected, but you are welcome to send mailings to those people who have specifically asked for information from you.

One advantage of using eBlast111 is that this kind of list is self managing. People can sign up and remove themselves without you being involved. When you sign up for this service, a page can be set up on your site where people can subscribe to your list. Every message you send has a link at the bottom so recipients can easily unsubscribe. eBlast111 is particularly good for large lists since you create a single message and the system sends it out to everyone on the list. This avoids taxing your system resources. Instead it uses our resources to deliver the message.
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