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Spam Evaluator
We have developed a tool so you can get an idea of whether or not an email you are about to send is likely to be considered spam.

To use the system, simply paste your entire message including as much of the headers as you have available into the Spam Evaluator window. When you click the "Evaluate" button, the system runs your message through our spam evaluation engine. The resulting message scores will tell you what you should do to improve the chances that other spam filters will not reject your message. The system won't be exactly right because your message won't have all the headers and won't be run against various black lists, but it will give you an idea on what you can do to help yourself get successful messages to your customers.

For tips on whether or not your message will be considered spam by your audience, please see our article on sending spam. Please remember that we have a strict anti-spam policy that we do enforce. You can review our Terms of Service for more information.
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