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Sending html Email
You have three choices if you wish to send email messages with html content such as pictures and html formatting. You can create and upload an html page, you can use our form script or you can use our eBlast111 email marketing system.

Create your own page: This is useful, for example, if you want to send a newsletter or other html formatted page to an email address. The only key to success here is to be sure and use the full URL for any images and links within your page. Once your page is created and uploaded, simply open the page in a browser that has the email sending function and select it from the menu: eg: File - Send - Page by email. The page will pop up in your mail client and you can send it from there.

Use the form script: When someone fills out a form on your web site, you can use the f_htmltemplate tag to send an html email rather than a plain text email message. When building the html mail template, don't forget to use full URL for any images and links within your page.

Use the eBlast111 email marketing system. This system has a WYSIWYG editor built in and is fully Can SPAM Act compliant. It is the best choice for sending mail to multiple addresses.
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