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Changing DNS for a Domain Name
There are several articles on the subject of purchasing, moving and managing your domain name. Please refer to the one that fits your needs best: Once you have a domain name you will need to have your registrar point DNS for the domain name to our name servers. This can be accomplished in one of two ways.
  1. We can request a transfer of the name from the current registrar to Network Solutions where we will manage DNS for the name. The transfer request must then be approved by the domain owner via email. This is the preferred method since renewals will be lower cost and management of the name will be easier for you. Just contact us to get started. We will be happy to initiate these changes for you at no cost.
  2. You can point DNS for the name to our servers (or we can do it for you with your username and password) by contacting the registrar where you purchased the name. This transfer request must then be approved by the domain owner. If you wish to manage the change yourself, we have detailed instructions for several registrars.
Generally, here is what you need to know:
  • If your registrar is Network Solutions (Verisign):
    • Make the administrative contact JM878
    • Make the technical contact IL802-ORG
  • Regardless of registrar:
    • Primary Server Hostname.........: NS1.ICGLINK.COM
    • Secondary Server Hostname.......: NS2.ICGLINK.COM
For IT Professionals Only: We recommend that you allow us to do DNS for you. Any changes you may need will be quickly accommodated and because we do this for so many domains, we are quite capable at handling this easily corrupted process. This has the added benefit of providing flexibility on our end for changes we may initiate and provides you with mail bagging in the event your primary mail server goes out of service. If you still plan to manage DNS on your own DNS servers, here's the information you will need. Making entries such as these is not recommended unless you have a good command of what goes on behind DNS.
  • A record:
  • CNAMEs:
    • ftp ftp.icglink.com. (for ftp)
    • www vhost.icglink.com. (for web)
    • mail mail.icglink.com. (if we are doing your mail)
    • webmail vhost.icglink.com. (if we are doing your mail)
    • MX mx01.icglink.com. 10
    • MX mx02.icglink.com. 20
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