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Spam Prevention Tips
There are several articles on the subject of sending, receiving and managing spam. Please refer to the one that fits your needs best: Spam is unsolicited (unwanted) email. Realistically, you can never get rid of all the spam that comes in. But here are some things you can do to cut out a lot of it.

Server Based Solutions: We provide some protection in the form of our standard server based Spam Filtering and Tagging, but there other steps you can take to reduce the amount of spam you receive.

Use Our Premium Service: We provide a premium spam service that will get rid of nearly all your spam. The cost is quite reasonable. See our features page for pricing details.

Change Your Mail Settings: You can set your catchall to "Bounce" rather than receive every message regardless of who it was sent to. Please review our information on Managing Mailboxes, Aliases, Forwards, etc. for information on how to do this.

Get an extra mailbox: Another simple and low cost way to avoid all the spam rigmarole is to create a new e-mail address at one of the numerous free online services such as Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. Provide it when sites ask for an e-mail address that they obviously intend to send spam to, and the unwanted messages will go to this second address. If you're expecting to receive a legitimate e-mail message, such as an order confirmation, at that address, don't worry: It will stand out clearly among all the spam headers.

Read the fine print: It pays to scan registration forms carefully. Sites that require you to provide an e-mail address and create a password will note that you'll be getting mail from them, and in some cases from their partners (better known as advertisers), if you don't check (or uncheck) a box on the registration page. Scroll through the whole page before clicking the Submit button. Also read the statement next to the opt-out box, since some require that you check it and others that you uncheck it.

Unsubscribe at your own risk: Almost all the mailing lists you ask to be on will provide a way to unsubscribe at the end of the messages they send you. Usually it's as simple as replying with the word "unsubscribe" or "remove" in the address header. Sometimes you must go to the site, enter your ID and password, and then register your preferences.

Beware of replying to obvious bulk mailers or senders you've never heard of. They may offer you a way to opt out, but following their unsubscribe routine verifies your e-mail address, and you'll wind up with even more spam after they sell it to other spammers.

Third Party Spam Reduction Software: There are several third party software solutions that you might try to help eliminate or reduce spam. Here are a few of the recommended ones:

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