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Outages Report
In order to maintain our consistent high level of performance, redundancy and reliability, we make regular upgrades and improvements to our base systems after thoroughly testing for any potential effects these changes may have on our services.

We also monitor all our systems and report any potential or existing problems to our system engineers so they can make repairs, improvements or upgrades to prevent outages.

Check the icglink.net News Feed or our Twitter Feed for information on planned outages, unplanned outages or pending and recent changes and upgrades that may have the potential to effect our hosting services. You can also sign up for our Outages and Updates mailing list if you would like to be notified of these events via email. While we will have performed significant testing prior to implementing any upgrades, you may be using some unique feature of our service offering that we have not fully reviewed. As a result, if you are signed up for the list and receive an announcement, please feel free to make a brief audit of your web site to be sure nothing has been adversely effected.

If you would like to report an emergency outage, please submit a trouble ticket marked "urgent" or as a last resort, send an email of less than 200 characters to outages@icglink.com.
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