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Usage Reports
We include Webalizer log file traffic analysis with all our hosting packages. You can use these statistics alone or you can supplement them with a third party package such as Google Analytics.

Be aware that there are several reasons why Google Analytics and Webalizer will report different results. First, Google's is a tag-based measurement and Webalizer is a log-based measurement. For Google Analytics to work, a JavaScript is placed on each page to be analyzed. This script has to run for the page visit to be counted. In the case of log-based reports like Webalizer, the stats are taken directly from the log file generated by the server. As a result, there are several factors that can cause significant differences in not just visits, but other statistics.
  • Google does not count robot traffic. This may be the single largest factor in missing visits.
  • As a result, Webalizer gives information on search engine spiderís craw rates on you site.
  • Google will miss traffic if a particular page is not tagged. This can happen if a page was missed or on pages with iFrames if the Analytics tag is placed in a footer.
  • Google will not count traffic if the page doesn't load completely because the visit was too short or if the page load was interrupted by the visitor hitting the "stop" button.
  • Google will miss traffic if JavaScript is disabled in a users browser.
  • Webalizer gives much better information on the search terms and keywords that led to your site.
Depending on what you are looking for when analyzing traffic, Webalizer stats are more accurate, but Google Analytics will be better if you are looking just for visits by actual people to certain pages.

Here you can see a Webalizer stats example. Your usage report will be located at http://www.yourdomain/usage and is on line for you to see any time. Since this information is sensitive and can be used by others to evaluate your marketing efforts, it is password protected by default. Your statistics are updated every night at midnight or so and weekly information is updated on Saturday night.

Some of the Webalizer information that may be helpful when analyzing your report is as follows: HITS is the total number of HTTP requests that the server received during the reporting period. Any request made to the server is considered a hit. FILES is the number of hits that actually resulted in something being sent back to the user, such as an HTML page or image. 'Total Files' and '200 - OK' totals should be the same. If you add up the totals in the 'Hits by Response Code' section, it should be the same as the 'Total Hits' figure. Some points to keep in mind when analyzing the reports:
  • You cannot add up the daily visit totals and compare them to the monthly total; they are different reporting periods. For example, if someone visits your site at 11:45pm and stays until 12:15am, the monthly total would show one visit, while the daily totals will show two (one for each day).
  • Your report may show more Sites than Visits. Visits are only triggered when a valid request is found for a page. Sites, however, are counted regardless of the request type. It is very common to have more sites than visits, particularly if you have non-pagetype URLs on your site that are linked to from the outside.
See the on-line quick help for an explanation of most of the major terms and headings used in your Webalizer reports.
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