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ColdFusion, PHP and MySQL Databases
ColdFusion and PHP

ColdFusion and PHP are available with all ICG Link accounts and can be enabled upon request. You can use these tools for calculations or other site enhancements or even to access tab delimited text files in your /web/data directory for limited database functionality. However, for truly relational database work, you will want to use MySQL.


A fully relational MySQL database can be installed for use with your web site at additional cost as noted on our features page. In order to obtain a MySQL database, please contact support and ask for it to be set up. Normally, the database will be named with the same name as your username. You may create tables as needed using Cold Fusion or PHP or you can use our database management tool for adding and editing tables, importing and exporting information and any other functions that require direct access to your data. If you need help getting your data imported into MySQL for use with your web site, please contact support and we will be happy to assist.

Connecting to MySQL

The MySQL database server is only reachable directly by the web servers for security reasons, so you won't be able to connect to it using Dreamweaver or similar tool. We recommend that you run your own local mysql server and connect to that for development purposes. Then you can change the server ip when you upload files to our production servers. If you set up mysql on your local machine with the IP, you won't need to change anything because that's how the web servers see the MySQL database server.

Using ColdFusion with MySQL

Recommended practice for ColdFusion developers is to use a dbvars.cfm file to store all the variables needed for a query as application variables. This file is then included in application.cfm for easy modification later. The dbvars.cfm file is automatically created, encrypted and placed www/data folder where it is password protected, so that sensitive account information is not available to the public.

Your CFQUERY tags will need to specify the username and password contained in dbvars.cfm.
<cfquery name="MyQuery"
Client Variable Storage for ColdFusion

All ColdFusion clients have the option of using Client Variable Storage. To add this feature to your ColdFusion application, specify the "clientvar" DSN for the clientstorage attribute of your application.

    <cfapplication name="application_name" clientstorage="clientvar">

Using Flash Remoting

Inside your Flash app, set your default gateway url to http://www.yourdomain.com/flashservices/gateway replacing yourdomain.com with your domain name. The ColdFusion and Flash files can live anywhere inside and below your /www folder.


We do provide modest ASP support for clients who need it for their legacy ASP code, but we recommend they change to PHP or ColdFusion as soon as possible because of the lower reliability of the Microsoft platform. We do not support ASP with the same level of attention as our other services because of the high cost and difficulty of doing so.
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