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NetMerchant confirm.html
NetMerchant confirm.html

The default confirm.html template for Netmerchant will produce an order confirmation page that looks something like the one in the example. You can use the setup tool to copy the default confirm.html template file to your www/data/shopname folder. In order to create a working version of confirm.html you must edit a few items.

First, you must change the name testshop to your shop name. It occurs in two places in the default template. Secondly, you may wish to add one of several hidden fields after the <! purchase> tag as described below. Obviously you can also change any colors to fit your needs and you can fit this shop into a design you already have for your site by adding header and footer information around the basic code provided.

COMMENT TAGS: Like all the NetMerchant templates, this template uses html comment tags to get information from NetMerchant and display it for the user. Study the tags a bit and you will see how they work.

SENDING MAIL: The following example shows how to tell NetMerchant what mail template to use.
  • <input type="hidden" name="f_email" value="notify.email"> where the value field will include the name of the various mail templates you plan to use separated by commas.
SAVING INFORMATION TO TEXT OR SQL DATABASES: You can use one of the two tags below to save your order information.
  • <input type="hidden" name="f_text" value="log.file,full.file"> where the value field should include the name of the various log templates you plan to use to write to text files in your sweb/data folder separated by commas. You might write to one file with all the information that mirrors the email that is sent and has everything except the credit card information in it and to another file with only the relevant credit card information in it for later retrieval. Alternatively, you might use one table for order information and one for item information and tie the two together by the order number so you can use the search script to read the information from a back office.
  • <input type="hidden" name="f_mysql" value="table1name,table2name"> where the value field should be used to describe the format of your SQL tables if you plan to use an SQL database.
CYBERCASH, AUTHORIZE.NET or QUICK COMMERCE: NetMerchant is compatible with AuthorizeNet, Quick Commerce and the old version of Cybercash. If you would like to use these services to process your credit cards, you must first get a merchant account that uses one of these services. Contact support for a merchant account, more information or instructions on how to use NetMerchant with your particular service.

Both Authorize.net and QuickCommerce Pro transactions require us to place a configuration file in your cgi-bin directory called authnet.conf and quickcom.conf respectively. The authnet.conf must be two lines long and have the authorize.net ID on line 1 and the password on line 2. The quickcom.conf file must be only one line long and must contain your quick commerce pro login id.

Once you have sent us the information for your conf file, add a tag like one of the ones shown below in your confirm.html file:
For Cybercash: <input type="hidden" name="cybercash" value="3">

For Authorize.Net without checks: <input type="hidden" name="authnet" value="3"> (Any value for this field besides "check" will process as a credit card transaction.)

For Authorize.Net with checks: <input type="hidden" name="authnet" value="check">. You must collect several pieces of information to take checks with Authorize.Net. Use the following fields on your billing page.
  • Checking account number: billcheckacct
  • Bank routing number: billroutingnum
  • Drivers license number: billlicnum
  • D/L Issuing State: billlicstate
  • Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy): billlicdob
For Quick Commerce without checks: <input type="hidden" name="quickcommerce" value="3"> (Any value for this field besides "check" will process as a credit card transaction.)

For Quick Commerce with checks: <input type="hidden" name="quickcommerce" value="check">. Be sure to collect the checking account number in a field named billcheckacct and the bank routing number in a field called billroutingnum on your billing page.
REMEMBERING VISITOR INFORMATION: You can modify NetMerchant so that shoppers can ask for their billing and shipping information to be remembered by your web site for the next time they shop. To implement this feature, simply add a field with the name f_remember with any value between the form tags calling purchase.pl on this page. For example, the contents of a checkbox tag might look like this:
<input name="f_remember" type="checkbox" id="f_remember" value="yes">
IMPORTANT IMAGE LOCATION NOTE: confirm.html uses images from your sweb folder. Any images you call here should be from a secure folder (somewhere in your sweb folder). You can use the exact images shown in the example for single pixel images if you like. They are provided for your convenience. As with all html files located in your /data folder, you must use a full URL to locate an image.
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