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NetMerchant shipping.html
NetMerchant shipping.html

The default shipping.html template for Netmerchant will produce a shipping information page that looks something like the one in the example. You can use the setup tool to copy the default shipping.html template file to your www/data/shopname folder. In order to create a working version of shipping.html you must edit at least two items.

First, you must change the name testshop to your shop name. It occurs in only one place in the default template. Secondly, you must decide upon how you wish to charge for shipping and you must either keep the default settings or change the code to what you need. Obviously you can also change any colors to fit your needs and you can fit this shop into a design you already have for your site by adding header and footer information around the basic code provided.

COMMENT TAGS: Like all the NetMerchant templates, this template uses html comment tags to get information from NetMerchant and display it for the user. Study the tags a bit and you will see how they work.

IMPORTANT IMAGE LOCATION NOTE: shipping.html uses images from your sweb folder. Any images you call here should be from a secure folder (somewhere in your sweb folder). You can use the exact images shown in the example for single pixel images if you like. They are provided for your convenience. As with all html files located in your /data folder, you must use a full URL to locate an image.

OPTIONAL FIELDS : NetMerchant identifies special shipping related information by looking for the prefix "ship" before the field name (eg. <INPUT NAME="shipname">). Besides this regular shipping information, you may add any other form field to this template (eg, input, checkbox, option list, etc). Fields with the prefix "ship" are required (meaning the user has to fill the field out: eg. <INPUT NAME="shipemail">) An optional field should begin with v_. (eg. <INPUT NAME="v_birthday">) Any field without a prefix will be ignored by NetMerchant. Make certain you have put ship (or bill for the billing template) or v_ in front of any form fields you use.

SAME SHIPPING AND BILLING INFO: A special feature of NetMerchant allows you to include the option to pass the shipping information that was filled out over to the billing page so that the user doesn't have to fill out the information twice. Simply include the tag f_autofill with a value of "yes". This might be a checkbox like this <input type="checkbox" name="f_autofill" value="yes"> or a hidden field like this <input type="hidden" name="f_autofill" value="yes">. When you do this any field with the same name in the shipping section will be passed forward to the billing section. For example, the filed shipname will be passed into the field billname.

SHIPPING OPTIONS : NetMerchant can calculate shipping cost in several ways:
  • Basic - always charges a fixed amount
  • ByQuantity - the charge varies according to the number of items ordered
  • BySubtotal - the charge varies according to the $ amount of the subtotal of the order
  • ByField - a FORM field is tested and the charge varies depending on whether the field matches expected values
  • ByItem - the charge is specified for every item
  • ByWeight - the charge is calculated based on shipping weight
  • ByUPS - the charge is calculated based on shipping weight but uses real-time calculations from UPS
The sample template uses real-time data from UPS to calculate options for UPS Ground, Second Day Air and Next Day Air, but you may include as many or as few options as you like. Simply list them as needed in the code. For each option, you will need a text file describing how the calculations will work for that option. You can use the setup tool to copy the default files to your www/data/shopname folder. Then you can FTP the files to your computer and edit them as needed.
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