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NetMerchant Basket.html
NetMerchant basket.html

The default basket.html template for Netmerchant will produce a cart that looks something like the one in the example. You can use the setup tool to copy the default basket.html template file to your www/data/shopname folder. In order to create a working version of basket.html you must edit at least two items.

First, you must change the name testshop to your shop name. It occurs in two places in the default template. Secondly, you must change the link for "Return to Shopping" to point to your product page. Obviously you can also change any colors to fit your needs and you can fit this shop into a design you already have for your site by adding header and footer information around the basic code provided.

REMOVE BUTTON: On the basket page, you may wish to use a button to remove an item rather than use the standard "Update" button supplied with the standard templates. If so, use the following button code: <input type=submit name="del_<! FULLITEMID>" value="Remove">. You may use both the edit button and this remove button if you wish.

COMMENT TAGS: Like all the NetMerchant templates, this template uses html comment tags to get information from NetMerchant and display it for the user. Study the tags a bit and you will see how they work.

IMPORTANT IMAGE LOCATION NOTE: basket.html is the only NetMerchant html file that does not use images from your sweb folder. Any images you call here should be from an unsecure folder (somewhere in your www folder). You can use the exact images shown in the example for single pixel images if you like. They are provided for your convenience. As with all html files located in your /data folder, you must use a full URL to locate an image.


From the basket page you can link to more than one checkout option. For example, you might have a separate set of following templates for domestic, international or Canadian customers.


Sometimes it is necessary to disallow orders less than a certain dollar value. If this is the case, add f_minorder as a hidden field in the form on basket.html. The numeric value assigned to this hidden field will be the minimum dollar value required to proceed to the next page of your cart. This solution is handy because a minimum value can be assigned to one type of checkout and not another. For example, you might only wish to have a minimum value on international orders. In the event a customer has not met the minimum value, NetMerchant responds with, "Your subtotal must be at least $XX in order to continue with the checkout process." where XX is the value you set.
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