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Priority, To-Do and Task List
If you need a to-do list or you have to manage a project or keep track of who is responsible for various on-going tasks, you can use our built in task manager and proirity list system.

To get started managing some tasks of your own, log into the task manager at http://task.icglink.net and start setting up your own domain based priority list. One list is available for each domain and you must have your admin password to log in and get started.

Access Password

If you don't want to share your admin password with people who use the task list, you can set a special password just for the purposes of the task list. Once you log into the system using your site-wide admin password, you have the option of adding a password for access to the task list only. The admin password will always allow you access to the system, but once you add a task list specific password, you can provide that password to others who need to use the task list, but don't need to know your admin password.

Priorities & Responsibilities

Once you have logged into the system and entered some tasks, you will see that you can easily change the priority of the various tasks by moving them up and down. You can assign people responsible for various tasks as you add them and once added, a person is available in the drop list for future tasks.

When the project is over and you clear your list of all tasks, the people also are removed from the drop list. Your task list is now ready for a new project.
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