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Counter Script
The Counter Script is used when you wish to know and display how many times a particular page on your site has been visited. If you wish to know how many visits you have on a page but do not wish to display the results publicly see our extensive Usage Report. If you need to count the number of times a web site visitor clicks on a link or a banner ad, use our Counting Click-Thrus feature.

The Counter Script places a variable-width image-based counter on the page from which it is called. To call the counter script, include the following code:
<img src="/cgi-bin/counter.pl?countername&width=number">
Replace "countername" with a unique name for your counter.

Replace "number" with a number value. This will determine the minimum number of digits to be displayed. i.e., width=4 might result in a counter displaying "0065".

If the same name is used for counters on two (or more) different pages, the number will increment when either page is loaded.
Exmaple Code for the counter below:
<img src="/cgi-bin/counter.pl?hittopotamus&width=6">

Counter Example:

Counter.pl writes the count to the user's data directory as a file called countername.counter which can be edited to change the count. Be sure permissions on this file are 770 if you rewrite this file to the server.
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