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Streaming Media
We offer limited Real and MP3 streaming as part of our standard virtual host web hosting service. If you site requires high bandwidth usage or a high volume of simultaneous streams, we can provide that service at additional cost.

In order to use either streaming media option, you must first contact support to have it set up.

MP3 Streaming

There are two steps required to use our MP3 streaming system.
  • Create compressed mp3 files and place the compressed files in your /media folder.
  • Make a link in your html that points to the mp3 file using a "play list". The link will have the format: http://mp3.icglink.com:8002/content/username/fileprefix.pls where username is your ICG Link user name and fileprefix is the mp3 file name without the .mp3. For example, if you had a file named song.mp3 in the icglink user's /media folder, the link would look like this:
    <a href="http://mp3.icglink.com:8002/content/icglink/song.pls"> Play </a>
    For example: Play
  • If you have more than one song that you would like to play in series, you can point to a play list text file and the system will play them all.

Real Streaming

There are three steps required to use our Real streaming system.

Create compressed .rm files using Real Producer (see below for details) and place the compressed files in your /media folder.
Create a .ram text file that points to your .rm and place it anywere in your www tree.
Make a link in your html that points to the .ram text file
Here are the details of how it is done...

Creating Real Media Files for Audio and Video
  • Import wav, mp3, au, pcm, snd, live feed, avi, or quick time into Real Producer. If you don't have Real Producer, you can get it at RealNetworks.com or contact us. We can compress your files for you.
  • Fill in the desired information in the Recording Wizard fields
  • Select single rate or multi rate. (Multi works best if your users will have various Internet connections, whereas a single rate file takes less disk space)
  • Select the desired target audience settings
  • Select audio format (probably you will use .rm)
  • Select desired saving location
  • Click on FINISH in the Real Producer interface
  • Click on START - Your .rm file will be created.
  • Creating your .ram file

The .ram file points to your compressed .rm file. Place a text file with a .ram extension anywhere in your /www tree with the following line in it:


where mediafile.rm is the name of the media file you just created and put into your /media folder.

Creating the link to your .ram file

Call the text (.ram) file in a URL from your html page and the media file will play. For example:

<a href="filename.ram"> Play </a>

Note: .ram files can be placed in any directory in the /www folders. The .rm files must be in the /media directory.
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