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Form.pl: Encrypted Mail
Our form script is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that will make your web site more interactive and useful for your visitors. The script allows you to create a web page with fields that are filled out by a visitor and then perform various tasks with that information. When the form is submitted, the information can be sent by email to a recipient or recipients in any format you choose, it can be saved to a file in any format you choose and the script can send the visitor to a plain results page or one that presents the data as submitted or presents altered information based on any calculations or automatic decisions you may want to apply to the information. When used in combination with the search and replace scripts, you can even use this script to enter content you manage from a back office administration area.

Select the article that describes the form script functions you need.
  • The Basics: Send and format an email message, write to a file in a format of your choice, specify required fields, set up an error page.
  • Advanced Form Functions: Set and check cookies, perform calculations with built in math functions, manipulate text, use if - then logic, use a wide variety of preset values and more.
  • Upload Files: upload one or several files with a single submission, resize image files on the fly, create image thumbnails at the same time and more.
  • Send Encrypted Mail (this article): Send encrypted email messages with GnuPG.
  • Perform Secure Transactions: Use the form script on our secure server and enjoy useful features dedicated to e-commerce.

Normally, email is not secure. It is sent from our server to recipients as clear text. Anyone who might intercept such a message could read it. If you have GnuPG installed on your personal computer, you can configure your form to encrypt the email message. This is useful if you wish to send secure information such as credit card numbers or HIPPA regulated data via email. Once the GnuPG software is installed, you need to generate a key for yourself.
  • GnuPG - basic software and documentation
  • Windows Privacy Tools - includes GnuPG along with Windows front-end and Eudora plug-in.
  • GPGrelay - Windows program to relay GPG messages to any email program.
  • For Outlook users, the easiest method is to use the GnuPG Outlook plug-in which includes GnuPG. Detailed instructions follow:
    • Close Outlook
    • Download the plugin: Click on the British Flag to download the English version and run the exe.
    • Create a key: Open Outlook and select Tools / GnuPG Key Management / Keys / Generate Key and follow the instructions. On the final screen you'll be asked if you want create a backup. Select "Do it later", then click "Next".
    • Export the key: Select the key you just made, click "Export," select "Export to File," click the "Browse" button and select a directory where you want to export your key (ie: 'My Documents' folder) and give the key a name such as (ie: 'myGPGkey.txt'). Make sure to note where you put the key. Please note: where you see the text "Selection: " followed by the directory location where you'll export your key. Leave the "Key server" setting alone.
    • Send the key: Attach the file to an email and send it to us as noted below making certain to provide the email address the key is for.
    • Using the key: When you open a message that has been encrypted with GnuPG, go to "Tools / Decrypt and verify signature" to decrypt the message. You'll be prompted to enter the password that you used when you created the key.
The User Name and Email Address for the key should be the email address at which you wish to receive encrypted email messages. Export your key and send it to support@icglink.com. We will contact you when your key has been installed on the servers.

To have your form encrypt the email it sends, add this to your form:
<input type=hidden name="f_gpg" value="email@yourdomain.com">
where email@yourdomain.com is the email address that matches your GnuPG key. Please Note - HTML emails will not be encrypted.

Note: If you are sending encrypted email, it is a good idea to put your form on our secure server so that you also encrypt the connection between the server and the browser of the person who fills out the form.
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