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Changing Email Password

How to Change Your Email Password

Log in to Mail Management:

Go to icglink.net, click "My Account" at the top, and then click "Mail Management" from the left column.

Enter your user account, domain name and password:

Example: email account = example@mydomain.com, password = pass123

User Account = example
Domain Name = mydomain.com
Password = pass123

Click the first link that says "Modify User"

Note: if you are logged in as "postmaster" for your domain, you will see a list of all mailboxes that are currently set up. You can chose one to edit.

Enter your new password.

Please note: your password must be at least 6 characters and have 3 of these 4 elements:
  • a number
  • an uppercase letter
  • a lowercase letter
  • a symbol (! @ # $ etc.)

Click "Update Password"

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